Resolving Zoning, Land Use, and Development Issues

From applications to representation at hearings

Strassburger McKenna Gutnick & Gefsky advises and represents property owners, developers, and other entities in obtaining zoning approval for construction projects, subdivisions, and other land development projects such as hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, and industrial plants or parks.

More than 90 years of experience in real estate law

SMGG’s extensive real estate and municipal law experience makes us intimately familiar with zoning law, environmental regulations, due diligence investigation, variance processes, and the requirements for re-zoning and zoning text amendments. We have also had occasion to work with nearly every federal, state and local regulatory agency in the Allegheny tri-state region.

We regularly represent clients before zoning hearing boards, planning commissions, and other local and regional advisory boards to address issues concerning:

  • Zoning appeals
  • Code enforcement proceedings
  • Variances and special exceptions
  • Validity challenges
  • Zoning amendments
  • Subdivisions
  • Land developments
  • Conditional uses
  • Condemnation and eminent domain
  • Environmental law

Make your opportunity count

Time is money and that is particularly true in real estate. To learn more about how Strassburger McKenna Gutnick & Gefsky’s attorney team can help you negotiate your zoning, land use, and other development challenges as expeditiously as possible, please contact at Kimberly Tague at to arrange for a consultation.