Assessment Appeals and Real Estate Tax Exemption

Our Real Estate Group is highly experienced in navigating real estate tax assessment and exemption matters on behalf of both landowners and municipalities.  We also assist developers to navigate real estate tax abatements and credits available through various avenues.

We have years of success assisting our nonprofit and public sector clients with real estate tax exemption.  Our lawyers are highly experienced with preparation of exemption applications and are ready to assist with challenges if the application is not immediately granted and appeals are necessary.  We help our clients avoid common pitfalls or incomplete real estate tax exemption applications that are likely to be denied upon first review.  SMGG’s Real Estate Group is also ready to litigate, if need be, to challenge exemption denials and to obtain the tax relief an entity is legally entitled to receive.

SMGG’s attorneys are experienced in challenging tax assessment increases and reassessments.  We work with real estate professionals and appraisers to obtain fair and final tax assessments for our clients.

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