Services for Industry Employees

Experienced guidance for the people who work in the oil and gas field

The Oil and Gas industry presents particular issues for executives and employees. The attorneys at Strassburger McKenna Gutnick & Gefsky help Oil and Gas executives and employees on all types of matters arising from their employment including:

  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Defense Against Injunctions
  • Wage and Payment Disputes
  • Personal Injury Claims

Understanding non-compete agreements

If an employee is asked to sign a Non-Compete Agreement, this can limit the employee’s ability to change jobs down the road. We understand that it can be difficult to negotiate a Non-Compete Agreement with your employer, but it is also important to understand your rights before you sign. SMGG’s Oil and Gas attorneys can review proposed Non-Compete Agreements and explain its potential effects. We can also help you negotiate with your employer. If you have already changed jobs and your former employer has accused you of violating a Non-Compete Agreement, SMGG’s team of litigators can help. Please contact us or visit our litigation page for more information on SMGG’s Services for Executives and Transitioning Employees in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Ensuring your fair compensation

SMGG’s Oil and Gas Practice Group can also help executives, salaried employees, commissioned employees, and hourly employees who believe that they have not been paid in accordance with their contracts and are entitled to back wages. State and Federal Laws provide protections that protect an employee’s right to collect wages under certain circumstances.

Representing the best interests of employees

The Oil and Gas attorneys at Strassburger McKenna Gutnick & Gefsky fight for the rights of the employees in the oil and gas industry. Contact Harry F. Kunselman at to schedule a consultation.