Bringing Resolution to Protracted and Complex Business Disputes

Helping businesses focus on the business at hand

Business disputes often drag on, siphoning time, money, and other valuable resources away from an enterprise’s daily operations and possibly interfering with new business initiatives. The business attorneys at Strassburger McKenna Gutnick & Gefsky have helped companies resolve legal disputes since 1919, both in—and out of—court.

Handling complex disputes

SMGG business lawyers find creative ways to resolve legal disputes that can arise between a business and its many publics, including disagreements concerning:

  • Covenants not to compete and other restrictive covenants
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets
  • Delivery scheduling and fulfillment, product quality and payments in the case of vendors, contractors, distributors and manufacturers
  • Zoning and development issues in the case of contractors, developers and local, state and federal government agencies and boards
  • Rents and leases in the case of commercial tenants and landlords
  • Creditors’ rights with regard to bankruptcy filing
  • Discrimination cases, and non-compete violations in the case of employees
  • Misuse of intellectual property by licensees and strategic partners
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty to shareholders
  • Payroll, sales and other corporate tax discrepancies
  • Unfair business practices deployed or alleged by competitors.

Of course, some matters involve multiple parties and multiple issues. SMGG business lawyers methodically identify the key issues and parties responsible, and recommend resolutions that most appropriately reflect your business’s best interests over the long-term.

Providing sensible, potentially cost-saving solutions to business disputes

Aside from compliance expenses, a large portion of most legal budgets for an entity is typically devoted to litigation. Litigation can be costly, particularly should discovery and other trial proceedings creep along without an end in sight. It’s against this backdrop that the business attorneys at SMGG provide significant value, assessing the cost of litigating against both the cost of not litigating and the potential savings that alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods may afford.

Ready to escalate should need be

Alternative resolution methods may be preferable to litigation because they can spare participants time, money, and, potentially, public exposure. Strassburger McKenna Gutnick & Gefsky understands the benefits of ADR and considers ADR when evaluating a case.
Of course, there may be occasions where litigation is necessary. For instance, your business may decide it needs to take a very firm, public stance against a trademark abuser, non-compete violator, or unfair competitive practices. Our litigation experience makes our attorneys valuable assets to your business.

Put litigation experience on your side of the table

Strassburger McKenna Gutnick & Gefsky brings almost a century of experience in litigating or otherwise resolving complex business matters, and our seasoned team of business attorneys thoroughly understands the importance of getting business back to the business of business. To discuss how our team can better achieve your goals, please contact Harry F. Kunselman at or Gretchen E. Moore at to schedule an appointment.