Helping Businesses and Individuals Establish, Maintain, and Enforce Trademarks

Trusted counsel since 1919

With technology making the appropriation and dissemination of creative property easier than ever, owners of intellectual property (IP) require airtight legal protection and aggressive defense of infringements to their property. At Strassburger McKenna Gutnick & Gefsky, our skilled trademark attorneys work with small businesses, corporations, and individuals to ensure all bases are covered when it comes to preserving trademark rights against dilution through abandonment, infringement, and improper licensing.

Proper trademark management

At SMGG, our attorneys offer comprehensive trademark property management. We register trademarks, maintaining their active status in all required legal domains, and litigate disputes involving trademarks, trade dress, branding, and advertising.

Our trademark litigation attorneys:

  • Conduct trademark availability searches and draft opinions
  • Plan and budget for multinational trademark filing programs
  • Clear marks, register foreign applications, and maintain registrations through Section 8 and 15 affidavit filings
  • Develop global enforcement programs to prevent the importation and exportation of counterfeit products
  • Provide IP transaction support for asset disposition, mergers and acquisitions, securitization and monetization, joint ventures, transfer pricing, IP holding companies, and IP tax issues

Ready to litigate when necessary

Trademark, brand, and advertisement enforcement can be achieved through cease-and-desist letters, negotiated settlements, and, of course, litigation.

The Trademark Act provides for a variety of remedies in a civil action. The most typical is injunctive relief, which prohibits use of the infringing mark. The injunction may include other relief, such as the destruction of infringing articles, corrective advertising, and cancellation of federal registrations. Monetary remedies may also be available, including amounts covering the infringer’s profits, damages sustained by the plaintiff, and the cost of the action.

Keep your trademarks enforceable

The words aspirin, escalator, trampoline and yo-yo were once all registered trademarks. Today, only Aspirin® remains a recognized trademark, albeit only in Canada and Germany. To ensure your trademark is not the victim of dilution, contact Strassburger McKenna Gutnick & Gefsky attorney Laura Beth Gutnick at to arrange a consultation.