Representing Entertainment and Information Industry Organizations

Defending entertainment organizations rights in disputes since 1919

The attorneys at Strassburger McKenna Gutnick & Gefsky defend and assert the rights of entertainment and other content-providing organizations across a range of legal compliance and risk issues. With extensive experience in business, commercial, intellectual property, tax, and labor law, our team will help you effectively and expeditiously navigate and, if necessary, litigate or otherwise negotiate regarding problems that threaten to impede entertainment projects.

Our attorneys have negotiated, arbitrated, and litigated on behalf of many types of entertainment and information organizations, including:

  • Newspapers, radio and television stations, and other media outlets
  • Internet-based and other digital entertainment providers
  • Publishers, networks, and multimedia conglomerates
  • Production and sourcing companies
  • Distribution companies
  • Promoters and event planners
  • Unions
  • Industry associations

Comprehensive legal counsel and representation

SMGG Law provides counsel for many issues affecting entertainment and information organizations, including:

  • Business formation counsel, including structure and financing
  • Music licensing and clearance, recording contracts, and podcasting issues
  • Film and television production acquisitions and sales
  • Film production financing including negotiating bank financing and equity investment and arranging negative pickup, and foreign pre-sale deals and film completion guarantees
  • Television syndication and broadcast rights
  • Publishing and book distributions agreements
  • Digital gaming and other desktop, Internet, and cellphone applications
  • Reproduction and electronic transfer rights
  • Labor and employment agreements
  • Personal injury defense
  • Free speech, defamation, libel, privacy invasion, and the protection of confidential sources

Is your organization ready to defend its name and rights to practice?

The explosion of cable television and the Internet have heightened the competitive landscape and sophistication required to navigate laws, regulations, and public opinion. When your entertainment or information industry enterprise needs a legal response, contact David A. Strassburger at to arrange for a consultation.