Crisis / COVID-19 Legal Counseling Services


The outbreak of the CoronaVirus (COVID-19) represents one of the most significant health crisis of our time.  It’s impact on the global economy is a cause of grave concern for many.  We as a nation are reeling with the disruption to daily life and business, and grappling with the uncertainty of the constantly evolving mandates, guidelines and legal implications of this crisis.

We know you have questions and concerns regarding the impact this pandemic will have on your organization or business.  Businesses in every region and across industries are facing new challenges and uncertainties daily. We at SMGG are poised to help our clients navigate these unchartered waters.  As a multi-disciplined law firm, we have attorneys with expertise in a variety of practice areas remaining at the forefront of these issues ready to help you with considerations such as:

  • Assistance applying for and navigating the Paycheck Protection Program loan process;
  • Implementing travel and social distancing restrictions, quarantines or other measures for the health, safety and well-being of your workforce;
  • Creating alternative working arrangements;
  • Updating technology and related protocols;
  • Security and privacy concerns;
  • Compliance with laws rules and regulations implemented on local and national level;
  • Business continuity and succession planning;
  • Addressing and updating business protocols and policies;
  • Anticipating and managing disruptions to business;
  • Understanding insurance coverage issues and availability;
  • Compliance considerations with contract performance, warranties and assurances, including understanding force majeure and “Act of God” implications in agreements;
  • Employee accommodation concerns;
  • Compliance and negotiation with credit, lending and other financial institutions;
  • Education institution compliance and considerations; and
  • Managing and evaluating litigation needs to protect your interests.

Our Firm’s attorneys and employees have secure remote access to all of our systems and can perform all essential functions to continue serving our clients without disruption. We will work with all clients to coordinate alternate methods of communications (Skype, FaceTime, Video Conferencing, etc.) in the event that an in person meeting is necessary as we want to ensure that all of our clients’ legal needs are met.  Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and wish you well as we face this health emergency together.

If you have crisis / COVID-19 concerns call SMGG at 412-281-5423.  All messages are being received and channeled to the appropriate attorneys.  We are prepared and committed to helping our clients through these challenging times.

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