Helping Businesses Build and Realize the Value of their Intellectual Property Since 1919

Intellectual property (IP) rights are critical means of differentiating and protecting a business and its products and services from its competition. IP rights form one of the most important building blocks of a business, and developing, protecting, and commercializing those rights is an important focus of the Business Services Group at Strassburger McKenna Gutnick & Gefsky.

Each business is different, and the role of IP in each business will vary. The needs of a business based on development stage technology will be very different from the requirements of a business based on a branded product or service, or a proprietary software or manufacturing process. We work with our clients to develop an understanding of the scope and importance of the bundle of patents, trade secrets, confidential business, technical and process information, trademarks, service marks, trade names, and copyrights that are important to the future of their businesses. The Business Services Group then works with our clients to establish and implement a plan for the development, protection and commercialization of their IP.

To discuss how to enhance, protect and commercialize your businesses’ intellectual property, contact Julie I. Kline.