Providing Intensive Support to Aggressive Growth Businesses and their Investors Since 1919

Aggressive growth businesses present unique business and legal issues for their founders and management. They often are technology based and are intended to grow quickly and provide a highly profitable exit for investors and key personnel. Because of these attributes, the founders, professional and management employees, and angel and institutional investors require specialized organization and financial capitalization structures. The personnel issues of emerging businesses typically are very different from other business ventures.

The aggressive growth phase also presents unique challenges to management and legal counsel. The requirements of the stakeholders in aggressive growth companies, as well as the risks and problems associated with rapid growth, must be anticipated. There is limited margin for error. Seasoned legal counsel that understands both the business and legal needs of the companies, and their founders, investor classes, and the markets into which they will launch their products and services are critically important to the ultimate success of the business. At Strassburger McKenna Gutnick & Gefsky, we pride ourselves on the expertise and support we provide to our emerging business clients from startup to a successful exit.

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