The Road Blog Part 3: The Line Between a Public Road and Eminent Domain

June 22, 2022

This blog is the third in a municipal law series on all things roads. Property issues involving roads are fact specific and require an analysis of the facts and circumstances of your situation. This blog addresses the issue of the interplay between... Read more

Double Click to Check if Your Company Website is ADA Compliant

June 1, 2022
By Anthony Judice
Posted in Complex Commercial Litigation, Litigation

Businesses beware!  In the age of COVID-19 and an increased virtual presence, websites can be crucial for businesses.  But does your website violate Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?  This is a question most business owners... Read more

Allegheny County Property Tax Bills Could Be Lowered Based on Recent Consent Order

May 20, 2022
By Matthew Morella
Posted in Real Estate

Unless exempt, every property owner in Allegheny County is required to pay property taxes to the county, the local government and the school district in which the property is located. The amount of taxes owed is based... Read more

What Municipalities Need to Know in 2022: Newly Signed Pennsylvania Legislation

April 26, 2022

ACT 80 of 2021: School Bus Stop Enforcement Effective October 20, 2021, Act 80 of 2021 amends Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statues to extend temporary regulation for the school bus... Read more

Pennsylvania’s Psychiatrist/Psychologist-Patient Privilege: What it is and When it is Waived

April 19, 2022
By Kathleen Mannard
Posted in Health Law

The Pennsylvania psychiatrist/psychologist-patient privilege, codified as 42 Pa.C.S. § 5944, protects confidential communications shared between a psychiatrist or... Read more

ICYMI: US House Passes Recreational Marijuana Bill

April 8, 2022
By Matthew Morella
Posted in Business Services, Medical Marijuana

It was April Fools’ Day, but it was not a joke. On April 1, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to legalize marijuana. The bill, dubbed the MORE Act, was passed mostly along party lines by a vote of 220-204.... Read more

SBA Updates Size Standards for Many Industries

April 8, 2022
By Danielle Dietrich
Posted in Business Services, Women and Diverse-Owned Businesses

On March 31, 2022, the Small Business Administration issued several Final Rules, as part of the ongoing effort to update the Small Business Size Standards for many industries.  Read more

Medspas Must Comply With Pennsylvania’s Corporate Practice of Medicine Doctrine

April 1, 2022
By Matthew Morella
Posted in Business Services, Health Law

Medical spas (“Medspas”) offer luxurious treatments like massages, salt glows, and seaweed wraps. They also offer clinical procedures like Botox, laser hair removal,... Read more

Keeping Your Cards Close to Your Chest – Not so for ESI Search Methodology

March 22, 2022

The Sedona Principles clearly state that “[l]awyers have twin duties of loyalty: While they are retained to be zealous advocates for their clients, they bear a professional obligation to conduct discovery in a diligent and candid manner.” Read more

Changes in Your Disadvantaged Business Enterprise? What, When and How to Report

March 3, 2022
By Danielle Dietrich
Posted in Business Services, Women and Diverse-Owned Businesses

Most Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certified businesses are generally aware that they have some sort of duty to report changes in their business at some point.  Some think that changes only need to be reported in the yearly affidavit.... Read more