Tips for Handling Board Conflict – PA Township News

Gretchen Moore was quoted in the PA Township News Article “Tips for Handling Board Conflict.”

In today’s increasingly polarized world, it often appears that divisiveness has taken a front seat. While conflict is a part of life, the real test for a township is how its elected officials handle disagreements. A well-functioning board listens to one another, puts aside differences for the common good, and works together to reach a solution. If this is something your board struggles to do, here are some commonsense tips to help you manage conflict the right way.

“Divisiveness within a board occurs because of power struggles, differences of opinion, political partisanship, and sometimes people just not liking each other,” says Gretchen Moore, an attorney with Strassburger McKenna Gutnick and Gefsky. “It comes from many different places, but a lot of times, it is derived from power and politics and people jockeying for position.”

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