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The Road Blog Part 4: Posting and Protecting a Public Road

July 25, 2022

This blog is the fourth in a municipal law series on all things roads. Legal issues involving roads are fact specific and require an analysis of the facts and circumstances of your situation. This blog addresses the... Read more

The Line Between Agritourism and Entertainment

January 31, 2022

Despite the abundance of working farms in Pennsylvania and the popularity of farm weddings, there is a dearth of state specific caselaw where the two intersect. When they do, the legal analysis from a zoning... Read more

Non-Profits – Free or Subsidized Parking for Employees – Change in Tax Rules

March 2, 2020

Under the 2017 Tax Act, Congress made any non-profit offering certain tax-free fringe benefits to its employees, such as to free or subsidized parking, as well as on-premises athletic facilities, report the expenses associated with those benefits as... Read more


June 8, 2016

In the weeks since President Obama signed the executive order changing the salary requirements for certain executive, administrative and professional employees, there has been a lot news coverage, most of it incomplete and distressing. The... Read more

Why the Need for Municipal Stormwater Management?

March 15, 2016

When land is left undeveloped, stormwater can easily penetrate the ground and become part of the natural hydrological cycle. This cycle allows the water to be absorbed by soil and vegetation, naturally entering our groundwater and recharging our... Read more