For the Love of the Game? – Traumatic Brain Injury and Sports

October 16, 2017
By Lydia Gorba
Posted in Personal Injury

When the weather cools down in Western Pennsylvania, it means one thing for sure: football season is about to begin. For many, Friday nights will consist primarily of sitting on those ice cold steel bleachers at the local high school football stadium. Despite the chill, the atmosphere will be warm, energetic, as the crowd cheers and chants. Usually, the most traumatic outcome of such an event is a tough loss suffered by one of the teams.

Unfortunately, though, injuries do occur, some of which are quite serious. Traumatic brain injury has been receiving a lot of attention recently as the litigation against the National Football League alleging, among other things, a purposeful ignorance to the consequences and seriousness of concussions, has been settled.[1]

Though this litigation is what has likely sparked a renewed interest in the topic of traumatic brain injury, it has been studied thoroughly and is a fairly well-researched topic. Traumatic brain injury comes in all shapes and sizes, quite literally. From athletic accidents to slip and falls to motor vehicle accidents, a traumatic brain injury can happen to anyone in just about any given context.

The pervasiveness of traumatic brain injury and its serious nature make it a topic worth discussing. Of course, it is not always the case that someone is at fault in creating such a devastating injury but many times there is a responsible party.

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[1] See for documents and other information related to this settlement.