The law industry is no stranger to lawyers leaving positions for career growth. It’s not a knock on the firm or team, but instead the knock on the door of an opportunity to strengthen one’s skills and experience. That is precisely the case for one of our own, Pam Connelly, who will be leaving our team to take on the role of Duquesne University’s Senior Vice President for Legal Affairs & General Counsel.

Pam, an SMGG shareholder, has spent the majority of her career in higher education. On our team, she specialized in higher education law and employment litigation. She led a program on Title IX Counseling on behalf of SMGG, to help colleges and universities navigate these complex regulations. Prior to working at SMGG, Pam was the University of Pittsburgh’s first Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion. Her depth of experience in higher education made her a natural choice for this prestigious role at Duquesne.

While we will miss Pam and all that she has brought to the team, SMGG could not be prouder of the work she has done, and the work she will continue to do for our communities. While her time with us was short, she leaves a legacy of knowledge and a respected reputation. More importantly, she’s leaving a positive impression on us all.

“Every once in a while, we are blessed with a relationship that enriches our professional lives. When the relationship begins, we feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and good fortune.  When the relationship ends, we often feel disappointment at first, until we realize how lucky we were to enjoy the relationship at all.” – David Strassburger, President SMGG